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A Sign Board for retreads

By VN Ramamoorthy Apart from the fact that cost of a retread is generally in the range of 30% of the cost of a new tyre, retread by itself is a recycling process. Scrapping and destruction of a tyre or any rubber product can cause atmospheric and air pollution affecting the environment. Hence every tyre should be recycled by a quality retreading process, as many times as possible, to protect our environment and to preserve planet earth   What is a Pneumatic Tyre? A tyre is a composite product that can be made out of a combination of Natural...

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Point S opens two outlets in India

Independent retailing group Point S has opened its first branded locations in Ludhiana (Punjab) and Kochi (Kerala). In India, the Point S concept is implemented through Master Franchise Agreements. There are three regional partners who cover five of the most dynamic states- Deviate Enterprises for the Nation Capital Territory of Delhi and Punjab, GIAAN International for Maharashtra and Goa and Tyrekada for Kerala. Point S plans to use these flagship stores to showcase to recruit additional franchisees in the beginning of 2018 and reach an annual target of 25 Point S stores. At mid-term Point S aims at reaching...

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Apollo Tyres partners with Indian Super League

Apollo Tyres has partnered with Indian Super League (ISL) in the ongoing season. With more than three months of the footballing action still to go in this season of ISL, Apollo Tyres has planned multiple activations across cities, where matches are scheduled to be held, to engage with the enthusiastic football fans, the company said. “We are looking at leveraging on the organically growing and fast adoption of football as a sport in India, and Indian Super League is the best platform for that. Football, being the key element of our brand building strategy across geographies, it would be...

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ARLANXEO launches semi-crystalline EPDM grade

The global leader in performance elastomers ARLANXEO has launched a semi-crystalline EPDM grade with high Mooney viscosity for the Automotive industry. The new grade- Keltan 13561C DE- is the first Keltan grade with five digits from ARLANXEO with high product viscosity of 130 Mooney Unit (MU). The company claims that it delivers good mixing and fast extrusion behaviour with high elasticity and collapse resistance in high filled compounds, supporting the reduction of overall compound volume costs. The new Keltan grade was launched in China and South America and product samples from commercial plant production are now available worldwide. It is being manufactured at ARLANXEO’s EPDM plant in Changhzou, China, using Keltan ACE polymerisation technology. When replacing existing EPDM polymers, Keltan 13561C DE can improve the mechanical properties of EPDM compounds with the same compound loading, the company said. “Here we have a polymer Mooney of 150 MU and are adding only 15 parts of extender oil to the product, resulting in a product viscosity of 130 MU. The result is a 5-digit code and a unique grade,” says Gosé van Zandvoort, Technical Manager at the ARLANXEO Business Line...

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Derek Carruthers is the new CEO of Black Donuts Engineering

Black Donuts Engineering Inc. has appointed Derek Carruthers as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with effect from January 1, 2018. Former CEO Kai Hauvala will continue with the company. Derek had previously worked in various executive positions for companies such as Cooper Tires, Pirelli, and Bridgestone. “This is an excellent time for Derek Carruthers to assume the position of CEO at Black Donuts Engineering. His vast experience from the tyre industry and excellent understanding of the industry’s current trends and future are just what the company needs. Together we will work as a team, to continue Black Donuts Engineering success...

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