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TVS Sricharkra sells share of TVS Europe Distribution ltd

TVS Srichakra Ltd’s Board of Directors approved the sale of the company’s entire shareholding in TVS Europe Distribution Limited. The two-wheeler tyre maker will sell all 332,500 shares to TVS Group company TVS Automobile...

Retractable studs – new from Nokian

Nokian has introduced “the world’s first non-studded winter tyre where the driver can deploy tyre studs with the press of a button. Studs usually help tyre bite into snow, providing better grip. But on a bare surface they...



New Beginnings

By Gregers Lindvig For those following the situation here in China, it has been apparent that the...





‘Smarty’ to make tyre intelligent

Understanding of the history of tyre and rubber industry is very important for future development and innovations. In the past, we had several examples of how innovations brought about big changes in tyre industry and in the...

Gloomy outlook – or overdue clean-ups?

Well, things are certainly happening here in China. The price race to the bottom seems to never end, and if things keep going at the current pace, the factories will start paying us for producing our tyres within a year or so....

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Tyre Safety: ID numbers and registration

Tyres are critical to the safety of our vehicles and that of the public, as defective tyres can cause or contribute to injuries and deaths from accidents. Since the 2000 recall & replacement of more than six million tyres by...

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India’s SR demand to pick up

Production of synthetic rubber (SR) in India is still low (approximately 1,12,886 tonnes)as against consumption of about 4,83,575 tonnes. This gap requires annual imports of large quantities of SR, which now stand at about...

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