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Born to enjoy

As the CEO of a clutch of Asia-focused global publications, I travel a lot on business across several nations in the region. What I have found fascinating is its diversity not only in language and food, but also the festivities....

India’s millennials

By KS Nayar India’s economic acceleration is on track. It is racing to notch up an 8 per cent...

What can be expected from good liners

By Purushothama Kini * Liners were commodity and now the industry has started understanding that liner can also contribute in process and quality improvement. To have perfection in tyres and better uniformity, we also need to...

Demystifying commodity trading business

Though commodity trading is one of the oldest forms of economic activity and traces its origins into prehistory, it is often widely misunderstood, and, as a consequence, it is often the subject of controversy. Commodity trading...



Retreading the Asian Scene

The first Asian Retread Conference (ARC 2016) cannot be better timed or better placed than now. This is for no reason other than the fact that Asia plays a vital role in the global retreading industry, throwing up a challenge...

Company Watch






Innovate and flourish

Revising its earlier forecast on natural rubber supply outlook, the Association of Natural Rubber...

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